Sirius Finance outlines value of broker advice on The Property Podcast

Sirius Finance’s Kelly Rule (pictured) has appeared on The Property Podcast this week, explaining why property investors choose to use mortgage finance, and promoting the benefits of professional advice.

The Property Podcast, from Property Hub, is aimed at property investors, with hosts Rob Bence and Rob Dix discussing a different property topic each week.

The podcast was ranked in the top 10 for investing podcasts on Apple and for business podcasts on Spotify.

Speaking on the latest episode, available from 29th February, Kelly explained why even cash-rich investors might want to consider taking a mortgage, the options available and the benefits of using a broker.

Rule said: “Buy-to-let lending spans a huge amount of lenders across four different tiers of complexity – a specialist mortgage broker will live and breathe this every day and will know the exact questions to ask to get you in front of the right lender first time.

“These brokers tend to charge a fee as their advice is more specialist.

“Trying to source this type of mortgage yourself without using a broker is near on impossible especially if there are a few layers of complex criteria to meet.

“We charge a broker fee, however it is per property and not per application and this is also really important.

“If by any chance the lender isn’t suitable, there will be no additional broker fee to explore further options.”