360 Dotnet partners with Mortgage Brain to enhance mortgage submission process

360 Dotnet has partnered with Mortgage Brain with the aims of revolutionising how users interact with 360 Lifecycle, offering access to Mortgage Brain’s new submissions platform and the existing Sourcing Brain, Criteria Brain, and Affordability Brain integrations.

360 Lifecycle users will now be able to take advantage of the latest development from Mortgage Brain’s technology, Submissions Brain.

360 Lifecycle users will benefit from the convenience of a single unified login to complete, submit, and manage mortgage applications with numerous lenders using a versatile application.

This collaboration simplifies the process, requiring users to fill out only one form, eliminating the need to input information across different platforms.

Moreover, users will have access to a wide range of products and criteria from over 110 different lenders.

Ozgur Unlu (pictured), CEO of 360 Dotnet said: “Our top priority is to ensure our users can efficiently source and secure the best lending solutions for their clients.

“Our dedication to embracing digital technology is evident through our ongoing investment in 360 Lifecycle and our partnership with Mortgage Brain.

“This collaboration is the key to a new, simplified mortgage experience with a single unified login, a dynamic form, and access to over 110 lenders.

“We look forward to the exciting possibilities this holds for our users.”

David Smith, commercial director of 360 Dotnet said: “The future of mortgage distribution is linked to innovation in digital technology.

“We’re delighted to provide the software in partnership with Mortgage Brain, a driving force behind this transformative journey. Our collaborative efforts position us to provide an exceptional experience.”

Neil Wyatt, director of sales and marketing at Mortgage Brain, said: “We are committed to ensuring intermediaries have access to technology that is designed to benefit the whole market.

“This partnership, and the subsequent integration of Submissions Brain with 360 Dotnet, will redefine the way tech providers can work together in harmony for the benefit of the wider broker community and their clients.

“This is the exciting future direction of mortgage distribution – tech providers are better when we work together, tackling some of the fragmentation that has crept in with the creation of multiple platforms, to achieve the ultimate goal of industry best practice for brokers.”