Arbuthnot Commercial ABL provides construction group with £2m finance package

Arbuthnot Commercial Asset Based Lending (ACABL) has provided a £2m growth financing package for Henley Construction Management Group Ltd (Henley Group).

ACABL structured a confidential invoice discounting facility and RLS term loan, supplying significant additional working capital to support the group’s expansion plans.

FW Capital complemented this with an additional RLS term loan, with both facilities contingent upon each other.

Located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Henley Group comprises two trading entities: Henley Stone Specialists Limited and Henley Stone Restoration and Remedials Limited.

Henley Group works with commercial and residential clients, specialising in the installation of natural stone, glass-reinforced concrete, artificially cast stone, and traditional brickwork.

In addition, the group undertakes full scope restoration projects, including Grade 1 listed works, UK-wide, using its extensive network of reputable, qualified team members.

Shaun Henley, managing director at Henley Group, said: “Our former high street banking provider had policies that were stifling our growth, and Arbuthnot Commercial ABL stepped in to assist us following a referral from our accountants.

“Arbuthnot’s facility will allow us to maintain our upward trajectory across all divisions and secure additional high-end, large-scale project opportunities in residential and commercial sectors.

“Above all, we are committed to upholding a focus on quality without compromise, aiming to revive this value within the construction industry.

“Working with Arbuthnot’s team has been excellent, and I would certainly recommend them to any company seeking external funding to facilitate expansion.”

Andrew Rutherford, commercial director at ACABL, added: “Henley Group’s progress is inspiring, and we are thrilled to support their growth plans. When confronted with mounting challenges, such as rising material costs and the opportunity to win new contracts for substantial projects, it is critical that businesses have sufficient liquidity.

“Utilising asset-based lending to optimise working capital, driving sustained growth while maintaining quality, and focusing on serving a niche rather than trying to be all things to all people are all valuable lessons for ambitious UK businesses.”